September, 2016

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Coming up October 2, 2016

The first Sunday of October, is a worldwide opportunity for Christians in every culture to break bread and share the cup as they affirm Christ as the head of the church. Join us , as the table is open to all believers.

9:00 a.m. ………..Elders Meeting

9:30 a.m. ………..Sunday School time, bring a friend

10:45 a.m. ………Worship Service time, bring a neighbor

1:00-2:00 p.m…..Blessing of Pets—–look for Richard some where out side here at church, maybe in the fence in area or patio.  Never heard of this? Well…. it is a service that is a public expression of the bond we have with all animals. Through the service, we are able to make them an integral part of our
worship life and relationships.

2:00 p.m. ……….Youth get together
This week we will begin to prepare for youth led Sunday Worship.

6:00 p.m. ……….Cabinet Meeting
Cabinet officers please plan to attend this meeting to help make important decisions in the life of your church.

This looks to be a BUSY Sunday. Hope to see you all there.

                                    Much love, Michelle

September news letter 2016

Wow!!! It was a short summer. Fall won’t really come around for another three weeks or so, but just ask our youth group kids, and they will tell you fall is here and their summers were too short. I have been back in Plainview and here at First Christian Church for about three months as your pastor, and, as I still tell folks I see, many for the first time in years, I am still meeting myself coming and going—and that’s a good thing.


We had a great day in the life of our church Sunday, August 21. Installation Sunday was a really nice occasion, we had lots of folks here, and the reception was more than wonderful. I wish to thank our Area Minister, Rev. Charlotte Hoppe, Dr. Max Browning, and Dr. Glyndle Feagin for being here for our church, and I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to Erin Gonzales and Angela Allen, granddaughters of our own Rosalie McClanahan, for their vocal contributions to the service—you ladies were wonderful.  I would also like to thank our own Dr. Samuel B. Brown, pianist/organist, and Betty Jayne Castle, congregational song leader, for their usual superb leadership in the worship service, both on this great day and every Sunday. And finally, to all of those who helped with organizing the worship service and reception (if I start naming them, I will forget somebody), we could not have pulled off such a great day without you.


I could go on and on about the backpack giveaway on August 13, but I won’t. I will say, however, that we cannot rest on our laurels, and we, as a church, can still do better.  We gave away 100 backpacks in 20 minutes. We hope to give away 300 next year, and are now taking donations of school supplies. We will do so all year long, so if you are at a store and feel led to pick up a package of pencils or pens or paper or glue sticks, please do so and place them in the box in the foyer. You may also contribute monetarily, but be sure to earmark your checks for the backpack fund. Thanks to our youth and our Outreach committee for a great job.


Our Summer Bible Study was a huge success, as we had over 80 attendees over the four-week period, studying the Letter of James…we will fire it up again on September 27 and 28, keeping the same format of repeating the Tuesday evening study on Wednesday morning, and will conclude the Fall Bible Study (Biblical Prophecy) before the holiday season.


We will kick off the fall on September 11, with Sunday School for everyone. Exactly how this will take shape for kids is forthcoming, but I know I will begin as teacher. The adult class is rocking right along. Our annual picnic will take place on September 18, and will be followed by our board meeting. Our youth will also begin meeting for the school year during September.


There are folks in Plainview who do not have a church, or are almost or completely unchurched. You know some of these people.  Many folks are simply waiting to be invited to a church. We have a wonderful group of committed Christians who will welcome all into our church family. Invite someone to church. Make visitors feel welcome when they come.  YOU are the key to evangelism. Bring A Friend Sunday is every Sunday!


We now have a church van. We will begin to explore ways in which a van ministry on Sunday mornings can take shape. If you are interested in helping in such a ministry, please let me know.  


And finally, we are learning, as we go, about the impact of social media. Many who came for backpacks found out about the event on Facebook, both on the church’s Facebook page and by members posting on local sites.  Our Facebook page is First Christian Church Plainview, Texas. We also now have a true web page, . Our website is now on the national website, , and is helpful to those looking for a church home. We have folks who have set up these social media applications and are maintaining them, acting as administrators.


We are a TEAM. We function as a TEAM. It takes the work of many individuals for the TEAM to be successful. Pray to discern your role (or roles) on this TEAM, Christ’s TEAM, God’s TEAM. Many of us are working hard, but we can always work harder, as is evidenced by the success of the backpack ministry. My job is to help you find your ministry. Pray for me. Pray for our church. Pray for our community. Have a blessed fall!


Blessings and peace.