October, 2016

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Enchilada Casserole fundraiser & Youth Sunday

Youth  Fundraiser







                                             October 23, 2016, The youth of First Christian Church Plainview had their 3rd annual fundraiser featuring Enchilada casserole.  The Kids and the youth sponsors worked tirelessly  preparing  the food . We had a great turnout and if you missed it you missed some really great food.   While hanging out at the church, an epiphany was had. Why not take a casserole to the fire stations around town. Here in Plainview we have 3 fire stations. Our Pastor, Richard Dye, also just happens to be the new Chaplain for the Plainview Fire Department.  This said, our boys and Pastor loaded up 3 casseroles and beans and took a trip around town.   The firefighters were very thankful for the food and were kind enough to give the boys a tour of the fire stations.  Let me say this… The boys were so excited  when they got back.     One boy even got hooked up to an EEG machine  and had to paper to prove it. Apparently he is “normal”.  The boys got to ask questions and even slide down the pole.   I want to say thank you right here  to the Plainview Fire Department for taking the time to talk to the boys and show them the ins and outs of PFD. You Rock!  This is how our children learn to serve others without expecting anything in return. What a life lesson! 

    I also want to take a minute to thank everyone that purchased a ticket  for food and came to First Christian Church to support our youth. I, as a parent, am overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness and support of our children ( some soon to be adults). You are all much Loved by us all.  


Kids singing


Church folks



  Yesterday was also a day that  we call Youth Sunday here in our church. Our service was  led by our young people. They sang us a song in the beginning and in the end.  Two of our boys, Nate and Avan Daughrity, each gave a meditation during the service and helped with communion.  Jacob Swim led the call to worship and helped with communion. Ethan Daughrity led the prayers of the congregation and helped serve Communion. Thomas Swim and Ashlynn Lockridge  helped serve communion as well.  In doing so, these children learn first hand what it is to be a part of the service by not just be sitting in the pew.  You know what? Our people love it when the kids participate!  Our  kids love our people.  Thanks FCC for letting out kids “grow in Christ ” here. I am forever thankful for our church family.

In Christ,


Coming Soon to this church near you!

Tonight, Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bible study on Tuesday evenings.

Bible study on Tuesday evenings.

at 7pm, we will be having a Bible Study  at the Church. All are welcome.

This coming Wednesday, October 19, 2016,  there will be a bible study at 10 am at the Church and there will be Dine and Devote meeting at the Field House Sandwich shop on 5th Street  in Plainview. Everyone is welcome. this starts at 6pm.

On the morning of Sunday, October 23, 2016,  the church will be having a “Youth Sunday”, Youth will be leading our service and Serving Communion ect.  It will be a real treat for all of us “grown ups” and a learning experience for our young people.

On the evening of Sunday, October 23, 2016, the youth will be having a fundraiser. This is the third year  that they have prepared and sold  an Enchilada casserole  with salad and dessert to help raise money allowing the kids to go to youth camp and other activities.  The cost of the meal is $8.00 per plate. It is always delicious and if you decide  you want to eat here at the church then we will also have available for you to drink, unsweet tea and water.

 On November 6, 2016, we will celebrate All Saints Sunday. We will recognize “saints” that have passed on and been  inspiring  Christian examples in our church and in the lives of many people that now attend our church. Don’t forget to turn in your orange paper to have your people remembered.

Thanksgiving Sunday will be on November 20, 2016. This also happens to be  Christ the King Sunday. We will be having a fellowship/board meeting on that day after worship service. The Church will purchase some Turkey’s ( may need volunteers to cook these) and our people will provide the sides. Look for a sign up sheet coming soon to sign up for your side and/or dessert.  


A Church History

      I, Michelle Swim, have quoted (in blue) and paraphrased (in red)a fascinating history of First Christian Church that was compiled by Mrs. Adella S. Drew. The Church has since had another fire, this time at the 10th and Kokomo location , and relocated once again to where we now sit at 1800 N. Interstate 27, Plainview, TX.

   “The County of Hale was organised in 1888. It was just a small community of only tents and dugouts where families lived. This part of the State of Texas consisted of Ranches but people wanted to come here to establish homes. At the time they could get four sections of land by filing on one section and living on that three years. They paid $1.00 per acre. these were people of intellect and ambition and soon realized the great need for a school building.”
A dugout was made measuring 20×20 ft , 4ft deep and covered in Sod with the grass side up to keep rain from running through.( this paragraph Paraphrased by Michelle)
“On September 9, 1889, the people met in this building to organize a Christian Church. With 12 members present: Rev. Thomas G. Nance a minister from Central, TX as the official Key leader; the group of men present were given duties to set the body in order. They met there until a school building was built on the present Lamar School is located.
           That school building burned and the church met in the courthouse and any other place they could find, until they were able to buy the Methodist Church located on the corner of 6th and Beech streets.
          As the Methodists built a larger building in the corner of the same block; in 1907 (or during that time), the church divided and formed 2 Christian Churches, (the progressive and the non-progressive) the division being over musical instruments and missionary programs. The progressive (First Christian) went back to the courthouse to meet.
     The Revered Jewell Howard of Amarillo would preach about one Sunday in each month. In the summertime,they would stretch a tarpolia from the top of one wagon to another making shade and people would come for miles to have services for two or three weeks. People would bring their camping equipment, cook on the ground, and sleep on the ground. This would be a real CAMP MEETING.
Cowboys would come from the ranches to attend. Many lasting courtships were made from that association. About that time, the Reverend Jewell Howard, who was living in Amarillo and preaching here here at intervals decided we would build a church.
         A lot was selected at 9th and Austin with only $300 to build with and faith in God, the arrangements were made. The Fulton Lumber Co. agreed to extend some credit. Individual men in the church agreed to furnish the stained Glass windows which were beautiful. On September 10, 1910, the church was dedicated. Rev. Howard was called as full time minister and it was legally incorporated. A spiritual program was well on its way.
      The church had no money for a piano, Mrs. A. M. Lycan who lives where 5th street is presently, loaned the church her organ. It was hauled to the church by wagon from her home on a Saturday afternoon and returned Monday morning. The Organ was burned in 1954 when we had a fire.
 We were ready to move into a new church building at 10th and Kokomo.
      We remained in that building (9th and Austin) from 1910 until 1954. During these primitive years, the income was very small; so the ministers would once again have to depend on their faith, never knowing how much pay they would receive. The baptisms were conducted in an earthen cattle tank or in the native lakes.
     The Baptist Church was the first church in Plainview to organize, then the Christian Church, third the Methodist Church being organized in the same half dugout as the Christian Church. All this from 1889 to 1954.
     After 92 years of making history, we are now enjoying an edifice (10th and Kokomo) with a beautiful sanctuary along with several classrooms, a nice fellowship hall, a finely equipped Kitchen.”

All of this was taken from a church document compiled by the then current Church Historian, Mrs. Adella S. Drew. It currently hangs on the bulletin board outside of the church office.

October News Letter 2016

I love Fall. I hope you do, too. School is rocking and rolling for students, parents, faculty members, and grandparents; the butterflies are moving, as are some of the birds; the stores are full of Halloween stuff; the harvest is beginning; the mornings are cooler, as are the days. Fall reminds us that we have a lot for which to be thankful. It also reminds us that, in no time flat, the holidays will be upon us.

Our Fall, 2016 Bible Study has begun. This fall we are looking at the prophetic/apocalyptic vision from an ethical viewpoint. The study meets on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM, and the study is repeated at 10 AM on Wednesday. Each lesson is different, so you can come in at any time. Please consider joining us for this opportunity.

Fall also marks the beginning of our youth program year. Our youth generally meet twice a month as a youth group. They have begun meeting for Sunday School in the youth room every Sunday. The youth have sold t-shirts, and the t-shirts are in. Please see Charity or Michelle, our youth sponsors, if you ordered a t-shirt. The youth will also be having another fundraiser in the near future—watch for details. I am honored to be asked to serve on the Mission West youth committee. Dates have been set for events during the fall, winter, and spring. Mission West Fall Rally will be held November 11-13 at First Christian Church, Amarillo.

Our Outreach folks are still collecting school supplies and donations for our Backpack Ministry, which has turned into being a year-long project. As you know, we gave out 100 full backpacks to needy families in August, and we could have easily given out 300. It is imperative that the church PREACH the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but it is equally important, for the life of our community, and as an example for our young folks, to LIVE the Gospel, and to DO the Gospel. The church that truly PROCLAIMS the Gospel accomplishes all of these tasks. If you have any other ideas about how to proclaim the Gospel in our community, please let me know, or see Michelle and let her know. Whatever we do for the least of these…

Our worship is going well. Our music in worship is great, with our accomplished musicians, Dr. Samuel Brown and Betty Jayne Castle. Our youth will be in charge of the morning worship service on October 16, and we look forward to a great day with our kids.

Although we are still in the planning stages, our church will have a fellowship event with First Presbyterian Church on Sunday evening, November 13, at 6 PM. The evening will include dinner and games and other activities, and will be held at First Pres.

I also want to call your attention to the Regional Assembly of the Christian Church in the Southwest, which will be held at Northway Christian Church in Dallas, October 29-30. Sarah and I are grateful that you would send us to this event. Sarah was chosen as the elected voting delegate at the September board meeting, and I will be a voting delegate as pastor. Northway is where the Rev. Dr. Doug Skinner is the pastor. Doug was pastor here in the early 1980s, and is still a friend to many here. I look forward to hearing Doug preach on that Sunday morning of the assembly, and to renewing old acquaintances. In my absence, on October 30, which is Reformation Sunday, our good friend, Dr. Glyndle Feagin will fill our pulpit.

I love Fall. I have been ready for Fall for some time. I hope you have been ready, too. Blessings and peace.