November, 2016

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Youth work day 11/05/16

Hard working boys

Hard working kids









Well, another month has passed us by. We now find ourselves in November, 2016.   This past weekend, our kids had a “clean up ” day.  On Saturday, we all got together and cleaned up the lot just to the north of our building.  Much trash was picked up.  I am not sure where it all comes from but there was plenty to go around.   It was a lovely fall day here in Plainview with cool temps, cloud cover, and  all around us was rain happening.  We were quite fortunate that the rain held off until we finished all the work that was done.   You see, this lot to the north of our building belongs to the church, and apparently over  the last few years piles of dirt, gravel, and blocks have accumulated  along the alley way.  Some of it was from last winter when we had such snow and the alley’s were cleared, some of it just mysteriously appeared over time.  The kids worked extremely hard leveling these piles of rubble.  In total I believe that there were 6 piles of varying sizes.


Here is a couple of pictures of two finished piles spread back into the alley.   These were two of the larger ones we had to tackle.  I  didn’t think until afterwards to take before pics but that is how things go sometimes.   To say the least, it was hard work. 


Here we have our middle school boys taking the trash  towards the dumpster but they did have an unfortunate run in with the sidewalk.  No sidewalks or children were injured in this incident.  (haha)


These tree’s held in there boughs and underbrush, many, many pieces of trash. It took the help of everyone lifting branches and stretching far to get it all out.


Thank you to the kids that did most of the work and the parents that helped and encouraged the youth to accomplish their goal of cleaning up our lot.  At the end of the day, shoes were muddy and wet, spirits were still high, and love was shared.


Many blessings to you all,



November, 2016 Newsletter from the Pastor

November, 2016 Newsletter


And, here we are…


It’s already November. If you have kids or grandkids, you know what that means. We are all starting to get antsy about the holidays, even though we sometimes dread to see all of the commercialism that seems to show up so quickly. The church is full of “happenings” in November, and I invite you to make a point to be a part of these events.


November 1 is All Saints’ Day. We will celebrate our saints on All Saints’ Sunday, November 6. In this Sunday’s bulletin, you will find an orange sheet on which you will be able to list those saints who have reaped their eternal reward, those who have been so important and influential in your lives, including folks like parents, grandparents, anyone whom you would like to include. They do not have to have been members of our church. You can also email those to Donna or to me, or call Donna here at the church office. We will also name folks from years past who have been members of our church who have been such wonderful inspirations over the years. I look forward to seeing you on November 6.


The next weekend, the weekend of November 13, is also a big weekend. We will be into our annual Fall Stewardship campaign, and I will have a stewardship message on that Sunday. That evening, will be attending a social event with First Presbyterian Church. The event will be held at First Pres from 6-8 PM. They will be providing the meal, and we will play games afterward. I truly hope we have a nice delegation from FCC. Also, the youth will be attending the Mission West Fall Rally at First Christian Church in Amarillo.


Sunday, November 20, is the Last Sunday after Pentecost, the last Sunday in the church’s liturgical year. It is known as Christ the King Sunday, as well as Thanksgiving Sunday. We will have the monthly board meeting and potluck that day, as well as having the final collection day of our stewardship campaign.


And then…it’s here. November 27 is the first Sunday of Advent, which marks the day for our annual festival of the Hanging of the Greens. That Sunday, Advent 1, marks the beginning of the season of preparation as we await the birth of the Christ child.


I want to thank our youth group for a great Youth Sunday October 23, as well as thanking all of you who supported their enchilada casserole dinner. We have great kids, and we have great youth sponsors—Charity Lockridge and Michelle Swim. We have lots of folks in various ministries of our church family, and I know I never say “thank you” enough, but CHURCH is a team effort. To all of those who take part in their various ministries, a heartfelt thanks. If you are looking for a way to serve God through God’s little outpost, the third church on Church Row, east side of the interstate, let me know.


Finally, I ask you to consider exercising your right as a citizen of the United States of America on Tuesday, November 8. Regardless of how you feel about the election, please vote.


The season of preparation and hope and expectation is nigh upon us. May God be patient with each of us, as we wait patiently ourselves.


Blessings and peace,