October News Letter 2016

I love Fall. I hope you do, too. School is rocking and rolling for students, parents, faculty members, and grandparents; the butterflies are moving, as are some of the birds; the stores are full of Halloween stuff; the harvest is beginning; the mornings are cooler, as are the days. Fall reminds us that we have a lot for which to be thankful. It also reminds us that, in no time flat, the holidays will be upon us.

Our Fall, 2016 Bible Study has begun. This fall we are looking at the prophetic/apocalyptic vision from an ethical viewpoint. The study meets on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM, and the study is repeated at 10 AM on Wednesday. Each lesson is different, so you can come in at any time. Please consider joining us for this opportunity.

Fall also marks the beginning of our youth program year. Our youth generally meet twice a month as a youth group. They have begun meeting for Sunday School in the youth room every Sunday. The youth have sold t-shirts, and the t-shirts are in. Please see Charity or Michelle, our youth sponsors, if you ordered a t-shirt. The youth will also be having another fundraiser in the near future—watch for details. I am honored to be asked to serve on the Mission West youth committee. Dates have been set for events during the fall, winter, and spring. Mission West Fall Rally will be held November 11-13 at First Christian Church, Amarillo.

Our Outreach folks are still collecting school supplies and donations for our Backpack Ministry, which has turned into being a year-long project. As you know, we gave out 100 full backpacks to needy families in August, and we could have easily given out 300. It is imperative that the church PREACH the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but it is equally important, for the life of our community, and as an example for our young folks, to LIVE the Gospel, and to DO the Gospel. The church that truly PROCLAIMS the Gospel accomplishes all of these tasks. If you have any other ideas about how to proclaim the Gospel in our community, please let me know, or see Michelle and let her know. Whatever we do for the least of these…

Our worship is going well. Our music in worship is great, with our accomplished musicians, Dr. Samuel Brown and Betty Jayne Castle. Our youth will be in charge of the morning worship service on October 16, and we look forward to a great day with our kids.

Although we are still in the planning stages, our church will have a fellowship event with First Presbyterian Church on Sunday evening, November 13, at 6 PM. The evening will include dinner and games and other activities, and will be held at First Pres.

I also want to call your attention to the Regional Assembly of the Christian Church in the Southwest, which will be held at Northway Christian Church in Dallas, October 29-30. Sarah and I are grateful that you would send us to this event. Sarah was chosen as the elected voting delegate at the September board meeting, and I will be a voting delegate as pastor. Northway is where the Rev. Dr. Doug Skinner is the pastor. Doug was pastor here in the early 1980s, and is still a friend to many here. I look forward to hearing Doug preach on that Sunday morning of the assembly, and to renewing old acquaintances. In my absence, on October 30, which is Reformation Sunday, our good friend, Dr. Glyndle Feagin will fill our pulpit.

I love Fall. I have been ready for Fall for some time. I hope you have been ready, too. Blessings and peace.


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