Enchilada Casserole fundraiser & Youth Sunday

Youth  Fundraiser







                                             October 23, 2016, The youth of First Christian Church Plainview had their 3rd annual fundraiser featuring Enchilada casserole.  The Kids and the youth sponsors worked tirelessly  preparing  the food . We had a great turnout and if you missed it you missed some really great food.   While hanging out at the church, an epiphany was had. Why not take a casserole to the fire stations around town. Here in Plainview we have 3 fire stations. Our Pastor, Richard Dye, also just happens to be the new Chaplain for the Plainview Fire Department.  This said, our boys and Pastor loaded up 3 casseroles and beans and took a trip around town.   The firefighters were very thankful for the food and were kind enough to give the boys a tour of the fire stations.  Let me say this… The boys were so excited  when they got back.     One boy even got hooked up to an EEG machine  and had to paper to prove it. Apparently he is “normal”.  The boys got to ask questions and even slide down the pole.   I want to say thank you right here  to the Plainview Fire Department for taking the time to talk to the boys and show them the ins and outs of PFD. You Rock!  This is how our children learn to serve others without expecting anything in return. What a life lesson! 

    I also want to take a minute to thank everyone that purchased a ticket  for food and came to First Christian Church to support our youth. I, as a parent, am overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness and support of our children ( some soon to be adults). You are all much Loved by us all.  


Kids singing


Church folks



  Yesterday was also a day that  we call Youth Sunday here in our church. Our service was  led by our young people. They sang us a song in the beginning and in the end.  Two of our boys, Nate and Avan Daughrity, each gave a meditation during the service and helped with communion.  Jacob Swim led the call to worship and helped with communion. Ethan Daughrity led the prayers of the congregation and helped serve Communion. Thomas Swim and Ashlynn Lockridge  helped serve communion as well.  In doing so, these children learn first hand what it is to be a part of the service by not just be sitting in the pew.  You know what? Our people love it when the kids participate!  Our  kids love our people.  Thanks FCC for letting out kids “grow in Christ ” here. I am forever thankful for our church family.

In Christ,


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