Youth Fall Rally at Amarillo FCC/Nov 2106

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    Lets see here….  Well, this past weekend  we had 7 people attend the Fall Youth Rally  ( 8 if you include the pastor) in Amarillo, TX at the First Christian Church there.  There were 2 adult Sponsors (Charity and Michelle) and their  5 kids (Nate, Ethan, Ashlynn, Jacob, and Thomas).  While I must say  that there was trepidation on the part of some attending , it turned out to be a fantastic weekend.   I myself absolutely  freeze up when entering situations where I am  unfamiliar with the people  that will be surrounding me. Let me say right here that every person I had contact with was warm and welcoming.     


For the kids there were “energizers” which included singing and dancing around like a pep rally. There were worship times when a guest pastor would speak to the kids. There were group times that allowed separation of age groups to have discussions about  things that were presented to them during worship.  It was really quite amazing to see our own kids interacting with their peers and to watch them meet new people and make friends.  The kids would probably tell you that their favorite part was  when we had an afternoon of free time at the WT Activity Center, hours of swimming and volleyball and basketball. They were exhausted by time it came to lights out on Saturday night and so was I.


More than anything,  I was blown away by the compassion that I witnessed within our 2 older kids.  I will just leave that as it is. I know I have said this before but ,   I really love our kids. May you all be blessed as you continue through life and be an encouragement  to each other.  


As always, Michelle

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