Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services 2016

This is a mix of pictures form our Christmas Eve service  at FCC and our Christmas Day service that we co-participated with First Presbyterian Church in Plainview. I took many pictures but they were so blurry that they were un-usable.

 Every year on Christmas Eve we have a beautiful Candle light service to remember Christ being born. The birth is the beginning of Christ’s journey to the Cross . At the cross is where he paid for our sins. At the cross is where we meet him daily. 

Thank you Jesus for being born to die on the cross for us.


Candlelight, if you have never experienced a candle lighting service  you have missed something quite beautiful and touching.


James Castle , advent reader.

Beautiful advent candles.

Snacks after Christmas Eve service.

Minister from First Presbyterian gave the message on Christmas morning.


Ethan D., Advent reader

Taylor Keys, Advent reader.

Pastor Richard Dye


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