Ash Wednesday

Last night, Mar 1, 2017, First Christian Church Plainview, Joined with First Presbyterian Church Plainview  in a joint Ash Wednesday service.  It was truly a blessing to be able to worship together and to  be able to partake in the receiving of the ashes along with  each person in both congregation. Thank you David Hawkins for allowing me to take pictures  of the service and I hope that I was not distracting to anyone present. I feel that it is important to document important occasions in the life of our church just as it is important to document many occasions in our personal lives.

Stunning stained glass windows at First Presbyterian Plv.


Message from Pastor Richard Dye


Pastor Richard Dye

Pastor Richard Dye and Pastor David Hawkins

Breaking of the Bread

Pouring of the Cup

From here on out are pictures of the receiving of the oil and of the ashes as well as the taking of communion.

After the service…

Thanks again and may God bless you in your everyday.