Holy Week 2017

Our signs are once again illuminated.


A list of all holy week activities.


The cross in the sanctuary that we use every year During the Lent season.


Betty Jayne Castle leading us in song on Palm Sunday.


Ethan D. waiting for the children message on Palm Sunday.


Nate D. Palm Sunday.


Combined Maundy Thursday service at FCC Plainview with our friends from First Presbyterian Plainview.




Beginning of Maundy Thursday service.


Thomas S. and Jacob S. lighting the candles.


Pastors Richard Dye and David Hawkins


Thomas S. and Jacob S. Lighting the candles. In case you did not know, this is done every worship service.




Communion. Also something we do every week during Worship.



At the very end of the Maundy Thursday service, during the last song, the sanctuary is stripped. It is symbolic of the humiliation of Jesus at the hands of the soldiers. We laid everything in the foyer and left in reverence and remembrance.


Tenebrae Candle stand at First Presbyterian Church Plainview. This service was held on Good Friday.


1st Pres.


Pastor Richard Dye , Waiting for the service to start.


Tenebrae Candle stand at First Presbyterian Church Plainview. .


Pastor Richard Dye and Rev. David Hawkins.


Tenebrae Candle stand at First Presbyterian Church Plainview. Pastors.


Tenebrae  with Rev. David Hawkins. (sorry its blurry)


Pastor Richard Dye @ 1st Pres. during Tenebrae Service.


Tenebrae Candle Service Rev. David Hawkins Just before the last candle was snuffed out.




I would encourage  you too do a search on  the Tenebrae service . Find out what is is and what it represents. I (Michelle), found it to be a quite moving evening. I also want to give a personal  thank you to the members and Pastor of First Presbyterian  Church  for allowing us to join in on this service and for joining us here at First Christian Plainview for Maundy Thursday service. May Gods blessings be ours….


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